19”, 1U, 3 module slots

19 zoll

The Microsens 19" patch panel houses a maximum of 12 media converter insertion cards and one PSU.

All insertion cards are supplied with power by a central power supply unit via a central backplane. A redundant power supply unit can be installed for special demands on reliability

The converters are designed as Modules. Up to 12 Modules can be mounted into one chassis. Various Modules for the conversion of different interfaces are available.

All Modules of the same product line can be combined with each other and can be exchanged during operation (Hot Swap).

All connections are accessible from the front, which considerably facilitates the installation and maintenance

The panel can be configured with an optional redundant PSU to increase network security. Divers insertion cards are available.

Technical Description

Article No Description Connectors
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19“ Chassis 3 HU, max. 12 module slots,

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AC/DC 100…240VAC power supply (also redundant)

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Blank cover for 19" Chassis

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SNMP management module for modular converter systems Rev. B

2 x RJ-45
1 x SUB-D 9 pol

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