19”, 4U, 28 module slots (front + back)

Modular Enterprise Chassis 4 HU with 28 Slots

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Populated front and back
  • 28 module slots on 4 HU
  • Fully compatible with all modules in the "Access" series
  • "Hot swap" of modules
  • Central power supply with redundancy option
  • Exchangeable fan modules

With the modular access platform, MICROSENS offers an open system for a large number of function modules. These are designed both for LAN and WAN applications and also for the implementation of telecommunications and industrial interfaces.

Together with the standard enterprise chassis with 3 HU structural height and 14 module slots, this special carrier chassis is available with 4 HU structural height and 28 module slots.

With the optional management module it is possible to monitor the oprating status of the system, such as power supply, temperature and link status of all mounted modules. The access to the management information can be done by Telnet, SNMP or web based management.

19“ Chassis 4 HU max. 28 slots (2x 84 DU), without accessories such as power supply (12 DU), Management (6 DU), Fan module (18 DU) and blind covers (6 DU).

Technical Description

Article No Description Connectors
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19“ Chassis 4 HU, max. 28 module slots,

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AC/DC 100…240VAC power supply (also redundant)

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SNMP management module for modular converter systems Rev. B

2 x RJ-45

1 x SUB-D 9 pol

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Blank cover for 19" Chassis

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