Crossbar Modul

4 Channel Optical  Crossbar

  • Interface with four SFP ports
  • Free programmable logic for “Any-to-any Port” switching
  • 3R signalregeneration
  • Full retiming for datarates from 50 Mbps up to 2.7 Gbps
  • Redundant operation for Back-up configurations
  • Channel Protection
  • Protocol-transparent operation is supported
  • SNMP manageable

The new module is part of the MICROSENS access platform and offers full 3R signal regeneration bundled with a free configurable crossbar matrix for data rates from 100 Mbps up to 2.7 Gbps. This module enhances the 3R function with the benefits of a flexible switchable crossbar logic. It allows free allocation of four channels – besides the protection of the optical link. In addition to the 1:1 links also 1:n connections for broadcast applications are possible.

Plenty of applications are possible: Twin Converter for point-to-point links with high port density, hardware-redundant configuration, channel protection and signal multiplication (Broadcast).

Pluggable optical transceivers (SFPs) can easily adapt to different requirements of transmission networks.

Technical Description

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4 Channel Optical Crossbar + Wide Range Retimer max 2,7Gb


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