3x Gigabit Ethernet Converter

Gigabit Ethernet 3-port Converter Module 1000Base-TX

  • 3x Gigabit Ethernet Converter 3x 1000Base-T onto 1000Base-X
  • Insertion Card for modular Access Systems
  • Flexibility with modular pluggable Transceivers (SFPs)
  • High Port Densities in Central Distributors
  • “Hot swap” of modules

The new access module allows for three-fold Gigabit Ethernet media conversion (3x 1000Base-T to 1000Base-X) and is based on modular SFP connections. This modular design makes the access module particularly flexible. Here MICROSENS offers a wide range of plug-in optical transceiver modules for multi-mode and single-mode applications.

The Gigabit connections are configured automatically with the auto negotiation protocol with transparent forwarding. An integrated link-through function guarantees additional link transparency for the whole connection. The components connected to the converter detect the whole connection status.

Technical Description

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3 Port Gigabit Ethernet Access Modul, manageable

3x SFP ports,
3x RJ-45

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